Midas Express Inc. | About Midas Express
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About Midas Express

san francisco

Who is Midas Express

Founded in 1986 by Jack Wu in San Francisco, California one of the pioneer on the freight forward business in the west coast.


For over thirty years Midas Express has focused on creating customized supply chain solutions that uphold the integrity and quality of our customer’s products and brand. It is our commitment to ensure that we are adding quality and efficiency to our customer’s supply chain.


Strategically located near ports and rail ramps to provide expedited support for any global network Facility provides 60 truck doors, pallet racks capable of storing more than 10,000 pallets, 25k sqf of GOH rail space. Over 480,000 sqf warehouse space.


Supply Chain Solutions

At Midas Express, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, most flexible supply chain solutions for our customers. We continually strive to keep our customers’ operations lean, while increasing their bottom line through supply chain management. Our menu of services is a direct result of listening to our customers’ needs. We respond to our customers’ complex challenges and work with them through the entire process. Midas Express is able to cater directly to the specific requirements of each challenge, to become the 3PL partner our clients are looking for.

Why Midas?

As your business expands and requires additional space or sophisticated handling systems, Midas Express can provide strategic and solution for your warehouse and distribution needs.Through our warehouse facilities, we have the infrastructure, material-handling equipment, technology, and management expertise to handle all sized customers, including the ability to flex space and resources to adjust to volume and seasonal fluctuations.

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